June 4, 2011

Of Bucket Lists

So, when i was a kid, i'd save the best story, the tastiest sweet for last. This was mainly because i wanted the good stuff to last. Well, it didn't always work. I'd end up losing the book before i read the story, and my sis would gobble up my share of sweet. And i'd end up one disappointed gal. And yet, i never learnt from my mistakes. I'd keep repeating it. I did it because i was always very unsure of good things lasting forever. So i found ways to postpone it, foolishly thinking that this would make it last.

So, why am i saying all this now?

Because I keep putting off a lot of stuff. Like living, for instance. In Barney's words, i'm a Ted. I just think, think, think and never do, do, do. I've put off so much stuff because the time wasn't right.

I'm just lazy, but i figured i have to start somewhere. So i made my bucket list. Crazy, i know. But I've been asked about the crazy things i've always wanted to do. So, i figured i'd start with a tame bucket list. Of all the things i've put off all my life. It's not complete, and i doubt if i'm gonna cross out most of this stuff. But here goes:

Board a train to some random place without an itinerary


Learn swimming(okay seriously, i don't know why this is still on my list)

Visit/Stay in a Buddhist monastery(Tibet!)

Walk in a valley

A movie, from a script i've written(sigh)

Write a book

Visit Europe(Castles, meadows.. *swoon*)

My dream home

Live in a log cabin in the middle of a forest(this!)

Learn French/German

And the list continues......

Maybe i should add cooking to the list. Maybe. :D
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  1. And writing regularly? ;-)

    Glad to see a longer post! And a nice do-able list there I'd say. Hit it...