July 31, 2010

There's no point in trying. It's never gonna be the same again. Everything's changed, everyone's changed. I see myself for who I am.

I know that I'll never go back to being the silly kid I once was; a few months ago or maybe a lifetime ago. I boasted of intense emotions, craved acceptance. I don't want it anymore. A part of me has died. It's been a rude awakening.

Moving on, letting go is essential they say. And I did believe in things happening for a reason, didn't I? So, why has my faith forsaken me? Dunno if things are gonna get better or worse, it no longer makes a difference.

For I laugh away the whole day; the nightmare starts only when i close my eyes and it all comes back in a rush of vivid colors.

July 8, 2010

would you believe me
if i said
i could erase
the memories
scrub them off
my soul
even as they
threaten to stain it
for you, my dear
were right
i'm nothing
more than the
little girl
too scared
of the light

the little girl
has come home,
she still loves the dark.

July 1, 2010

Dip low, soar high
Do what you do best.
Fly free.

Just leave us the memories, we hold on to. Just that and your laughter.