December 17, 2011

things i don't tell you

...that i love watching you sleep
your cynic all defenseless
your mask no longer in place;
that i often hide and watch
when you wait, impatiently for me
worry written across your face;
that my heart skips countless beats
when you look down at me
and with your eyes, laugh;
that your touch makes me grin
makes my heart do a dance
and i'm alive again.
these are things i won't tell you
because you already know too much
you already see too much
and i'd be a fool to admit
that i have no control over
this silly thing called my heart
since you have called me by name.

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December 15, 2011


and sometimes all she wants
is the murmur of your heart
against her ear
telling her she's wilful
telling her she she's mad,
telling her she's wrong
but she's everything you want.
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December 9, 2011


There's something so familiar about you..
Like the crows cackling on my backyard fence
Or the busy bees that drone
Like the scent of lemon in the breeze
Or the leaves quibbling, at every chance.

I know this feeling you make me feel
It's something that's lived with me
It's a song i have sung before
Without quite getting the lines..

On summer's eves when time was mine
When everything was drowsily divine
I have lived your stories
Through days and years and lives.

Before i knew of doubt and hurt
I have heard your smiles
I have lived on dreams of you
Even before you were mine.
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