May 27, 2010

Like Starlight

The Maker decided man needed to learn humility. So he created the child. For the child is the only being who asks questions without answers, makes you test the limit of your possibilities, stretch it beyond what you thought was possible. A child is what you were when you weren’t scared of hurling yourself into nothingness. Yes, that is what you were when you believed in delirious possibilities, when you thrived on them. When you looked at the sky and knew for certain what was beyond, knew that at nightfall, you could read the messages the stars sent out. When you could lay awake for hours, listening to the music of silence. And create stories out of it. When irrationality won over reason, when getting shipwrecked on an undiscovered island meant the adventure of a lifetime. When cusses were the only things that could sully your reputation, or make it.

A child is what you were when hurt did not own you, when you could walk away unscathed and get on with your life, even after you’d lost your prized possessions. A child is what you were when you couldn’t hold your own in a fight, with fury as loud as thunder, and yet you gave in to make way for rain. A child is what you were when you were a bundle of possibilities, finding fulfillment in each moment. When you could laugh and forgive, fight and forget, surrender and win. A child is what you were when your tears were sacred, your sorrow unfeigned, and your words free from hatred. When you could see death and yet believe in hereafter. When you believed in living, not life. When trust was something unconditional and hope, like sunshine after rain.

A child is what you were when you didn’t want to be in control of things, and were ready to leave everything to chance and to the beauty of the dreams you’d dreamt.

Isn’t it ironic that we grow up, only to unlearn everything we really learnt on our own?

May 4, 2010

Like there's no tomorrow...

Once upon a time, there lived a little girl. She was meek and unsure, and cared too much. She loved little green plants, dark woods, tame animals and eccentric knick knacks she'd find here and there. She smiled a lot, cried even more and talked to plants and the creatures in the woods. She had an ear for soulful music and loved books that spoke of magic and love. It was difficult for her to imagine hatred, for she didn't know the language. She'd been at the door a lot of times, but could never find the key. Like the little girl who'd tumbled down the rabbit hole, she'd explored some. But it wasn't enough.

The problem with her was, she was scared. Scared of the dark, and the deep blue. Scared because she loved these with a passion she couldn't really define. She had a gypsy's soul. Which made it very difficult for her to stay rooted. And though she'd been taught to stay within her limits, she yearned to get out of the familiar. Hurl herself into the deep unknown.

Familiarity was strangling her. And yet, she did not break free. The insipid days were suffocating her slowly and surely. She was waiting, for someone to push her forward. To tell her that she had to leap. And not look before she did it. Sometimes she had weird dreams. Of water and music. She tried to decipher them, unsuccessfully. All her dreams gave her this strange sense of deja vu. Like she'd been in those places before. It worried her no end, and as she spent her desolate afternoons alone, she wondered if there was an answer. Or was her existence pointless?

The stars spoke to her, of lands they could see. And she wondered when she'd get out of herself and visit those lands. One night, as she stood by the cliff and watched a lonely gull in the moonlight, she made up her mind. It was time. And so, she plunged. Into the unknown.

They never saw her again. But on moonlit nights, lone travelers adventurous enough to climb up the cliff see a figure riding a dolphin. And sometimes, the rider and the dolphin leap so high, that they form a magical silhouette against the moon.

P.S: My pesky brat of a sister reads this and tells me to Get a Life!

May 3, 2010

Getting out of myself and liking what I see

I wonder why I didn't see it
As I rushed blindly in the night
Light sauntered in brilliantly
Night gave in without a fight.

I did not know what I was at
I knew not whom to turn to
But as I made my way out
I smelt wet earth and dew.

These phases of sightlessness
Were they so that I see,
What I had failed to all these days
That I had to forgive me?

I wasn't made for anger
I wasn't made for spite
I cannot vouch for the world
But I wanna set things right.

There's this little God in me
Who tells me I am more
Who tells me the truth
I am splendid, to the core!

I cannot undo my past
Or make the future mine
I can do one thing, I know
Dispel hatred with sunshine!