October 4, 2011

on the shore

Lover of dark nights, unexplored woods, and restless seas. And like the last of those, her heart was fickle too. Happiness made her cry, so did love. And yet, sometimes, it would all just breeze by, and she would feel nothing.

His stories make her smile, for she's heard them before. She's heard herself repeat the lines in her head. He is her, turned inside out. So much should be boring, she tells herself, but what she doesn't know is that the moon has always made the sea restless. And yet, there is something comforting about the way it draws the waves to it, unceasingly.

There are moments she feels empty, even with all the love around her. And then, as she lies awake on a moonless night, her sleep stolen from her, it strikes her with blinding clarity. It's rather ironic, the answer she's been seeking.

She's built a fort of stone. Of bravado. And it's kept her safe. Except, there are cracks in it now. Cracks that let in slivers of light.

He will not fight her battles for her. He knows she can do it.

It's funny how letting light in works. Whole patches of it. And then, there are no canopies, no stone walls she hides behind. Love hits her in the face, and makes her dizzy. And fear slinks away, leaving her unchained.

She loves nights, moonlit nights by the shore...