August 30, 2011

Like beads of joy, strung on sunbeams
Her laughter, made of elusive dreams
And he in love with her,
Her laughter and her sunshine.

Till shaken, she falls to the ground
Broken, like a tree, a petal ground
All her smiles sold to the shadows
And her heart, pitiful and unbound.

He looks into her eyes and senses
The sea change in her soul
She does not see his smile
For grief has numbed her heart

She is not the girl he knew
She has eyes that speak of pain
He knows he loves this girl
Her eyes no longer bow to the sky.

August 8, 2011


i get all sentimental,
whimsy like the fool i am
i wait for hours on end
to hear your voice
my thoughts, they worship you
follow you, like shadows
and still i stand,unable
to tell you who i am
and will you to read my eyes
my voice, it's no longer mine.
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August 1, 2011

silly, isn't it
that you, the skeptic
and me, the cynic
should create cliches together?

on second thought,
i love cliches.
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