September 30, 2009


That sense of exhilaration when you stumble upon something that has been pricking the recesses of your mind for a long time… call it fortitude or serendipity! You look up and suddenly find the sky above your head, nothing separating you and the elements; a world devoid of everything unnatural, a world untouched. This is where all your innocence has escaped to…. where all your na├»ve hope defeats the cynicism of the weary world. There’s nothing but the elements and your soul. As the first raindrop cleanses all the wounds of distrust, you make the greatest discovery of all, the soul that seemed to have become hollow with time. And you rediscover the soul that ached when you came upon a golden field below an overcast sky… or made your heart miss a beat when you discovered a silent, secret haunt in the woods!

The serene cloud glows with a golden calm as the setting sun finally acknowledges it, the leaves finally take off from the ground with the wind’s promise lifting them high… You relive the mirth and the pathos, the everyday humdrum lost in momentary worries, and reclaim the gifts of a lifetime, forgotten and discarded because they come unadorned unlike their counterparts in satin bows.

Sometimes the poetry of everyday life overwhelms you, leaves you with sadness, a longing for something you’ve never known. And you want to escape, to find that home that’ll spell salvation for your soul. You realize that all your life; the homesickness and the restlessness, everything that has ever crossed your mind, everything you’ve wanted; has been an end towards this goal. You spend moments watching the river lapping at the banks, and the sight of the thunderclouds darkening the world lifts your heart. It sings a melody of its own and the poignance mists your eyes as you smile with an ache that’s yours alone. Your thoughts are something the world cannot sully, own or command. They will remain yours alone, pristine.

September 29, 2009


Oh, it's hopeless I say
There's no other way
Putting you and me together
Is like weighing stone with feathers!

Things aren't what they used to be
It would work if I believed in me
If the hero in me weren't Hamlet
And life weren't Russian Roulette!

You'd do better with a lass all coy
Who'd steal your heart, but love you boy!
You'd be the king of her heart
And kill the dragon, scale her fort!

I'm no woman for the ages
I enrage even sages
My exploits are legendary
You, for me, will remain secondary!

I'll break your heart, chew your bones
Our shouting matches will splinter stones
Never will I rise to your expectation
Though you may choose to give in to temptation!

So now boy, heed my warning, stay away!
While you still have a heatrt, unswayed
For I may decide to fall for you
And if I do, even the Good Lord wouldn't come to your rescue!

September 22, 2009

Something's Afoot in Honeywood!

It was a bright sunny morn in Honeywood. Mr. Silverfox Stallone was on his way to the local club when he chanced upon Ms. Ewe Mendes rushing to the market. On enquiring what the matter was, Ewe explained that three bags of wool were missing from her house. Silverfox, being the good Samaritan, accompanied Ewe to the office of Mr. Tom Skunk, the local sheriff. They found that he wasn't home, so they went to the Mayor, Hugh Jackal. Now, Mr. Jackal had a pretty niece, Mecan Fox and Silverfox had quite a thing for her. She was extremely talented and owned the whole Transformers set. She'd taken a vow that she'd marry only the guy who'd get her the prized Bumblebee, which was missing from her set. Silverfox was determined to get it for her, but he had stiff competition from Wolf Smith. Now Wolf was a total hunk, the village belles all agreed on this.

The thing between Silverfox and Ms. Fox didn't escape Ms. Ewe Mendes. She told him slyly, "You get me my wool and I'll ensure that you get the latest Bumblebee." Silverfox was overjoyed and set off on the mission.

He reached the club where he found his friends Turtle McGuire, Catwoman Diaz and Drew Barrymare arguing with Keanu Rat.He interrupted them and then told them about his problem. They put their heads together to find a way to get Ms. Ewe's wool back.

That's when Barrymare suggested that they go to Mr. Johnny Duck, the greatest sleuth of Honeywood.He lived with his wife, Meg Raven on the outskirts of Honeywood. They all reached Mr. Duck's house and presented their problem. Duck thought for a while and said that he'd have to visit the site first to arrive at a conclusion.

Mr. Duck had one look at Ms. Ewe's empty storeroom and declared "Hmmmm....this could only be the handiwork of the maniac, Jim Kangaroo. He calls himself the Mask these days." Silverfox knew Kangaroo's hideout and hence set out alone to find him. He discovered Kangaroo in his usual haunt, with all the stuff he'd looted from the inhabitants of Honeywood. After a major scuffle, Silverfox emerged victorious. He managed to get all the stolen stuff back to its rightful owners.

Ms. Ewe was happy and gifted him the Bumblebee she'd got for her son. And Ms. Fox was overwhelmed when Silverfox presented the final Transformer. She smiled coyly and accepted his proposal. The wedding was grand and was attended by strs like Brad Python, Angelfish Jolie, Salmon Hayek, Antelope Cruz, Tomcat Cruise and many more.

September 21, 2009

What do you call it, when you feel homesick at home?!

Home finally!It's strange how much we yearn for the place we call home! There's a strange wistfulness, call it nostalgia or the sheer joy of being home at last. But as they say, there's no paradise without a thorn or two! Two days at home and I'm having second thoughts. The only thing that's making me stay back is the food that's cooking!;)

What's cool about home!
  1. I'm here and my sister's not! Which means I don't have to fight tooth and nail for a bigger portion of my favorite delicacy and worry about whether my share will disappear if I get up from my place. Yeah, and I get to call her up and give her updates on what i'm eating, what show I'm watching and what mom has bought for me!:D
  2. Sirius, my mutt! Well, don't let the name fool you, he is NOT a black, shaggy, ferocious dog as the name suggests. An ugly, cowardly whining mutt would be more like it.
  3. The weed infested backyard, the shade and the fresh air in general. I don't need to wear a mask or be scared to breathe in deep. The air's more rejuvenating than an hour of yoga. Not that I have any experience in the latter!
  4. And waking up late, going to bed late, the mindless movies...oh the joy of nothingness!
  5. It is so much fun when you can spend all you want without your purse getting lighter. Which is why my poor old Dad dreads my visits!

What's not-so-cool!

  1. My parents using their guerrila tactics to marry me off! Aaaarrgh! It is the most annoying thing I tell you! Their stealthy moves don't fool me for long as I watch them get endless calls from prospects. I am asked to check online profiles of guys and I keep my poker face on while rejecting each. Thank God, for a flawed horoscope that is one in a million and doesn't seem to match with anyone. And for the ones that match, I have my answers ready! 'Mom, he's old!' 'Are you crazy, he's a kid?' My best reply ever had to be THIS "Mom, look at it this way! I'm ugly. He is ugly. Our kids, they'd be ugly as sin. I wouldn't want that for anyone!" Sometimes I can't help being the smartass that I am!:D
  2. Aaaaargh! I'm old enough for marriage, but not old enough to be online at night! Or watch late night movies! Having to beg your parents to stay up late is soooo uncool. I'm not going to be the same, I'm going to be the most fun parent ever, I tell you!
  3. Help, my dog's got MPD! He acts like a cat, rubs against me, behaves as if he owns us, demands better living conditions, more play time and playmates too! As if that weren't enough, the stupid mutt has already chewed up my sandals, two nightpants and my hair! Whatever's left on my head! I seriously think we should be calling an exorcist! It definitely has to be a cat spirit!
  4. Nosy neighbors and nosier relatives! When are you getting married? (No, thank you; I want to live some more!) Is there someone?(Yes, I have a horde of them mobbing me at my doorstep everyday. I'm just playing hard to get!Sigh!)
  5. How is it humanely possible to put on 5 kilos in two weeks? You'd say it is, when you've spent 99.25% of your waking hours with your mouth full! Can't help it though, the food is worth every single pound I've gained!

But all said and done, home life makes you lazy and irresponsible!(Haha, the joke of the century!) It makes you feel all wistful and sentimental! Let me savor each moment, there are going to be no more trips for a long long time! If my parents are upto their usual dirty tricks that is! I'm choosing Goa over home next time!

September 20, 2009

On the threshold of a dream

On the threshold of a dream
Have you stopped and waited
Wanted to take control
Of those tomorrows fated?

Have you watched dreams shatter
Into shards, like a mirror
And bled when you tried
To piece them together?

I have watvhed life slip
Away from my grasp
Stood helplessly watching it
Escape from its clasp!

Been so close to love
Yet a coward to live

I've been in tomorrow
And learnt to forgive.

I'll go on like this
Never bitten yet shy
To the day you come
And ask me why!