August 8, 2009

Prayer for an Absconding Soul!

My days are listless, my nights starless
My dreams brim with loneliness
My God has left her pedestal
She roams the fiery streets of Hell
Her anklets clamor in the crowd
And in the mirthless silence, I sense it loud
My palms are numb, my breath shallow
And as I wander the paths narrow
I seek a soul that has no voice
I seek a soul that's lost to vice
In Hell's dim lanes
I know I stand free of life's chains
And in my private hell
I send up a prayer
For an absconding soul
That has taken my perfidies so well
I bleed, I cry, I rise
As a phoenix from the ashes
My eyes flutter open and I see
My God, she's smiling at me
My soul's back from Hell,
back where it should be!

August 6, 2009

To be or...

Being indecisive was never easy, whoever said it was made one stupid mistake! For I am Hamlet reincarnated and keep asking myself and the world “to be or not to be!”
Well, I intend to take away some answers! So, what in the world makes my people think I’ll give them proof of my decisiveness so soon. Let them wait till I collect my traitorous thoughts from the minds they’ve escaped to and put them back where they rightfully belong, in that secret corner of my rusty mind, under lock and key!!!
Till then, let me find the ways to master that elusive art of decision making;)