June 27, 2011

Beyond that Door

A lot of times you live by your own set of rules and ultimately make judgements about what's right and what's wrong. Until the wall you've built up, of all the things that are right, comes crumbling down. Until there's no right and no wrong.

A lot of it is what you believe. You've stopped yourself from doing a lot many things because you feel it's wrong. And that fear cripples you, slowly steals your joy until you feel no more.

Till one day when you rise from your slumber to a knock on your door. It takes courage to go out without your defenses. It takes courage to do something you've never done before without constantly waiting for lightning to strike you dead. And it takes courage to believe, the way you believed in magic when you were a child.

You think you don't have it in you, but somewhere outside that door is the world you created. The one where what you believe is what you get.
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