January 30, 2010

Inside Out

Some say it's all about doing what you feel is right. Instinct. You dive in deep, into the unknown. Nobody's been there before you. If you're fortunate to get out alive, you tell the tale. And many follow.

It's about the experience. About breathing in every feeling. The fiery red sunset, how would it look from the sea? From underwater? How would it be if you lived a dream? Not knowing what the next moment was all about. And what if you did it all without a care. You have to be either desperate or indifferent to be that brave.

I am neither. And yet, now I find that I have it in me. To go, where I've never been before. I want to take every stupid risk. No, I am not suicidal. I'm too much of a coward for that. It's just that I've been waiting. Haven't really started living. Kept putting it off for later. And now I wonder, what if there is no later. What if this is it?

It's funny, but when you stop thinking, you start living.


  1. When u stop thinking, sometimes you see things with a clarity that escaped you when you were moping about why something did or didn't happen. Sometimes having something work your way is the worst thing ever to happen to you.

  2. @Eby
    Well said! By the same token, something not happening the way you wanted it to, opens up a whole new world for you.

    Life is an adventure. Jump in, and let the Devil take the hindermost! CARPE DIEM!

  3. Oh yes. If you can get out of the fabled 'comfort-zone' and do something new, there's nothing like it. Look at me :P.

    PS: Notice how there never can be a conversation with certain people without deviousness or a Devil creeping in?

  4. @Eby
    Yes, Guru! Thanks for that piece of unsolicited advice!:P
    You too. Carpe Diem, my foot!! Ah, that felt good!:D
    Yes, I've been in my comfort zone for too long now. Need to break free.:)
    PS. I know!! :D

  5. That's it. I'm gonna stop listening to moping females! ARGH!

  6. Really? That is so going to happen! Admit it. You're the one who writes that Agony Aunt column in Cosmo, na?? :D

  7. Be original. Stop copying my lines.

  8. :D

    My humour is non-existent. You know that very well.:)