February 17, 2011

Watch how she laughs
Like she owns the wind
And the stars that hide their face
In the brilliance of the sun.

She laughs
Even when dark takes over
Rips away, her cloak of fervour.

She waits for the moon
To lure the waves
Stands soulless, over the cliffs.

And when you look away
She drops her mask
And she silently, falls.
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February 15, 2011

Dear Shrek/Grinch, and Violet Eyes,

THANK YOU for the most beautiful bouquet i've ever seen in my life!

A very happy b'day girl

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February 13, 2011


So, i was having this weird conversation with a teammate the other day.

Of late, i've noticed that i totally enjoy crude humour and guffaw at silly pointless PJs, with the guys. Also the fact that whenever one of the guys read something interesting/lame, they just know that i'll enjoy it too.

See, the thing is, i'm a girly girl. Sappy commercials make me cry, my best friends are all girls and i hardly have any close guy friends. Just one or two i'm very close to. I'm not one of those girls who feels comfortable hanging around with guys. And yet, i find that i'm a buddy to MOST of my guy friends. In that i've played agony aunt, relationship advisor(huh!), mediator of sorts.

So, i was telling my teammate how i've totally changed from being a prude, in that i can stomach lame guy-like jokes now. Smugly, i tell him that it's a good thing. To which he responds, NO. His NO is more vehement than that of my other cubemates. Girls, obviously!


And i thought i was broadening my horizons. People like the lamer version better.

Can't help it though. It's not like i wanted to change. I'm just going with it, and enjoying every moment.

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February 3, 2011

Lying in Halves

'You will not leave?'

'No, i won't.'

'Not even if i close my eyes, or stop calling your name?'

'Not even if you forget me'

His gaze held hers, steady, unflickering unlike the candle that lit the room.

She looked out, and saw that it was still dark. It had been so for days, weeks, months while she had stayed inside with him. The room seemed lifeless. Her eyes bloodshot, she looked at him, wanting to be reassured again.

'Not even if i lie,or stop talking to you?'

He smiled, and nodded his head. He looked pale, paler than ever. She could read the sadness in his eyes. And she smiled as the shadows danced on the wall. She sang softly, of all the dreams she'd kept from him for she knew this was it. He listened and held her close as darkness shrouded them.

She couldn't open her eyes; it hurt, it hurt real bad. When she did, she found herself alone. She fumbled in the dark and instinctively knew.Despite all his promises, he had gone away. She had kept sleep at bay all these nights,because she knew he was a liar. She could make out the candlestub, and the unmade bed. Books all over the floor. His books.

She didn't feel quite steady on her feet; it had been days since she'd even walked across the room. But with every step she took, she felt a little stronger. She could breathe now, and even as the memories swam in front of her eyes, she walked.

She was awake now. For the first time in days. She didn't want the darkness any longer. She drew back the curtains, and suddenly light flooded her room. Her world had been black for so long, she flinched as light filled her being. She could've sworn it was still midnight. But strangely, her world was awash with light. She held her hand against the light, to shield her eyes and found that the mark around her ring finger had all but faded away.

She couldn't hold it in any longer. Tears blurred her vision as she softly murmured 'Liar'.
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