March 20, 2011

I have..

Reader's Block.

No, seriously. I've been a bookworm the last 21 years, and I've never had such a dry spell before. I absolutely cannot survive without reading a book a week. At the most, a month. Right now, I have some six books i haven't read yet. I have the time, it's just that i can't bring myself to. It's crazy! I started reading Oscar and Lucinda ages ago, stopped at chapter 12 or so, then started with Good Omens only to realize that Pratchett and Gaiman's combined humour really does go over my head. Then I started with Millennium Three: The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet's Nest. Thought a thriller would break the jinx. But no. I think I need to do some light reading, find some frilly, romantic book to get back now.

This really sucks.


  1. Try "The Undomestic Goddess" by Sophie Kinsella. Intelligent and funny though a tiny bit insulting if you are a feminist.

  2. Oh, i've read that one already. Funny enough. :D

  3. ah, hold on, I'll have to think of new ones now! :P

    Oh, Advaita Kala's Almost Single. Or Rajashree's Trust Me. Or Nirupama Subramaniam's Keep the Change. Or Devapriya Roy's The Vague Woman's Handbook. None of them are intelligent though. Only almost funny types. So, maybe, Terry Pratchett?? I'm reading "The Wee Free Men" but I'm sure any of the Discworld books would be equally funny. :)

  4. I do want to check out Almost Single. and Terry Pratchett too. I've just read Thud. Didn't understand half of it. sigh.