January 25, 2012

Peppermints and Green Soda Bottles

So i'm here, sitting at this eye clinic. I just saw a very sweet grandpa. It's moments like this that make me tear up without reason. I miss grandpa. My loud, wacky, ever cheerful grandpa. With his gazillion adventures and surprises.

You know how all the ads and books make childhood out to be some treasure chest of nostalgia. Well, every memory connected to grandpa still has that magic about it. Grandpa's given me so much.

Lazy summer afternoons with his pets, a new one every summer. Laughter and mischief. Sneaking away from mom for a day to enjoy all those forbidden delights. Playing with fluffy rabbits,exploring old ponds, soda and lime at the thattukada...in those green bottles with blue marble like stoppers, late night movies at the neighbourhood theatre, peppermints and stick-on tattoos...ah.

Every kid needs a grandpa who'll teach her to laugh out loud, show her how amazing the world around can be and surprise her with life again and again. And most of all, give her childhood wings. Wings that will stay on, even after she's completely jaded. The only reason i regret not marrying early, my kids(yeah, someday) missed knowing someone so full of joy.
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January 19, 2012

it's like this..

it's like
when you
and i
across each other
words come alive
on the tabletop
everything commonplace
becomes delightful
you're like that platter
full of sweet
i gorge on
and never tire
and when you,
my lips meet
i hear
a hundred harps.
there are fireworks
in my heart
when your eyes
meet mine
across the room
and i swear
i hear
my dreams
when your soul
tugs at mine.
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