September 22, 2009

Something's Afoot in Honeywood!

It was a bright sunny morn in Honeywood. Mr. Silverfox Stallone was on his way to the local club when he chanced upon Ms. Ewe Mendes rushing to the market. On enquiring what the matter was, Ewe explained that three bags of wool were missing from her house. Silverfox, being the good Samaritan, accompanied Ewe to the office of Mr. Tom Skunk, the local sheriff. They found that he wasn't home, so they went to the Mayor, Hugh Jackal. Now, Mr. Jackal had a pretty niece, Mecan Fox and Silverfox had quite a thing for her. She was extremely talented and owned the whole Transformers set. She'd taken a vow that she'd marry only the guy who'd get her the prized Bumblebee, which was missing from her set. Silverfox was determined to get it for her, but he had stiff competition from Wolf Smith. Now Wolf was a total hunk, the village belles all agreed on this.

The thing between Silverfox and Ms. Fox didn't escape Ms. Ewe Mendes. She told him slyly, "You get me my wool and I'll ensure that you get the latest Bumblebee." Silverfox was overjoyed and set off on the mission.

He reached the club where he found his friends Turtle McGuire, Catwoman Diaz and Drew Barrymare arguing with Keanu Rat.He interrupted them and then told them about his problem. They put their heads together to find a way to get Ms. Ewe's wool back.

That's when Barrymare suggested that they go to Mr. Johnny Duck, the greatest sleuth of Honeywood.He lived with his wife, Meg Raven on the outskirts of Honeywood. They all reached Mr. Duck's house and presented their problem. Duck thought for a while and said that he'd have to visit the site first to arrive at a conclusion.

Mr. Duck had one look at Ms. Ewe's empty storeroom and declared "Hmmmm....this could only be the handiwork of the maniac, Jim Kangaroo. He calls himself the Mask these days." Silverfox knew Kangaroo's hideout and hence set out alone to find him. He discovered Kangaroo in his usual haunt, with all the stuff he'd looted from the inhabitants of Honeywood. After a major scuffle, Silverfox emerged victorious. He managed to get all the stolen stuff back to its rightful owners.

Ms. Ewe was happy and gifted him the Bumblebee she'd got for her son. And Ms. Fox was overwhelmed when Silverfox presented the final Transformer. She smiled coyly and accepted his proposal. The wedding was grand and was attended by strs like Brad Python, Angelfish Jolie, Salmon Hayek, Antelope Cruz, Tomcat Cruise and many more.


  1. Christ!!! You've lost your mind staying at home!!!!!

  2. @Eby
    He he! Lazing around at home does this to me!!:D