June 23, 2014


He talks in his sleep. He giggles when he knows he's being naughty. Imitates me when I chastise him. When i ask him for a kiss, he bites me and masks it with a 'mmmma'. He hides behind curtains and plays with saucepans, he throws his toys in the washing machine and makes calls from his Acha's phone. He loves Mabatham (Mahabharatam) and is spellbound by advertisements. He responds to chattambi, saying njan njan and loves sipping chai from his grandpa's cup. He teases his grandma, follows his acha around the house saying tatai, helps me make dosas.

I'm learning new words. Discovering new worlds. As I follow the pitter-patter of his little feet, I'm learning how to run again.