December 25, 2010


Maybe it's intuition. Or senility.

Women are supposed to have strong intuitive powers. I haven't really put mine to test yet. Mainly coz i'm lazy. Also because i find it hard to differentiate between the intuition and imagination lobes inside my brain.

So, have you ever had this feeling? That all your life was just a purpose towards one goal? Like you're the train from Speed? Like you're just speeding towards that point? A culmination of sorts.

So, i used the train analogy again! What's with me and trains! It's just that the feeling's getting stronger by the moment. It's reached feverpitch. It was always there at the back, i knew i was slowly moving towards that destiny...but now i know that i'm there. I hope i know what i'm looking for.

Maybe it's just 2012 messing with my brain. But the silly thing is, i didn't know about 2012 way back in 1998.
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  1. :)
    I've had it a million times. And each subsequent time, I realize the *last* time, I was so wrong :D
    It's just the 3 am willies, hon.