December 2, 2010


Telefilms. All those short movies i've watched, esp Malayalam ones

Bits of music i've heard here and there...esp one bit that's been playing in my head at random/dramatic moments, the last ten years.

Old Tamil movies. Eighties through nineties. Magnificently tragic and haunting. Just the way i like it.

Padmarajan movies. Wistfulness.

Ilayaraja's music. Before Rehman, there was Ilayaraja. He still is God for some.

Tagore's poems. Won't explain. Can't.

Random lines by Rilke, Anais, Hafiz.

Some blogs. People i know, people i think i know, people i just don't know.

And yes, the story in me that hasn't yet found a voice. The very one that breaks into song when i see rainclouds, or a patch of green.
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