January 8, 2011

Aren't we limited by what we think is right, or wrong? No, not what WE think, but by what we are TAUGHT to think!

Just because society says its wrong, does it necessarily become so? Does collective consciousness make it so? That, by the way, is an idea that has me intrigued, of late.

In an age where we conform to others' preconceived notions of what is right, or 'cool', this idea really holds true.

So, why do i like something? Because it feels right. To me. That should be enough. Why isn't it so, then?

I am not a rebel, though i get this sneaky feeling at times, that i was meant to be one. Getting all sorted out is taking time, but i'm enjoying the mixed-up journey. Till i come undone.

P.S. Movies are an education, i tell you! :D
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  1. You cannot be a rebel, you're simply too docile!
    Eg: when was the last time you REACTed to someone spiting you, insulting you, hitting you with everything, including the kitchen sink?!!

  2. That's because it's you. Stop trying to incite me, you grumpy bear! I won't!

    Rebel without a cause, maybe?