September 30, 2009


That sense of exhilaration when you stumble upon something that has been pricking the recesses of your mind for a long time… call it fortitude or serendipity! You look up and suddenly find the sky above your head, nothing separating you and the elements; a world devoid of everything unnatural, a world untouched. This is where all your innocence has escaped to…. where all your naïve hope defeats the cynicism of the weary world. There’s nothing but the elements and your soul. As the first raindrop cleanses all the wounds of distrust, you make the greatest discovery of all, the soul that seemed to have become hollow with time. And you rediscover the soul that ached when you came upon a golden field below an overcast sky… or made your heart miss a beat when you discovered a silent, secret haunt in the woods!

The serene cloud glows with a golden calm as the setting sun finally acknowledges it, the leaves finally take off from the ground with the wind’s promise lifting them high… You relive the mirth and the pathos, the everyday humdrum lost in momentary worries, and reclaim the gifts of a lifetime, forgotten and discarded because they come unadorned unlike their counterparts in satin bows.

Sometimes the poetry of everyday life overwhelms you, leaves you with sadness, a longing for something you’ve never known. And you want to escape, to find that home that’ll spell salvation for your soul. You realize that all your life; the homesickness and the restlessness, everything that has ever crossed your mind, everything you’ve wanted; has been an end towards this goal. You spend moments watching the river lapping at the banks, and the sight of the thunderclouds darkening the world lifts your heart. It sings a melody of its own and the poignance mists your eyes as you smile with an ache that’s yours alone. Your thoughts are something the world cannot sully, own or command. They will remain yours alone, pristine.

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  1. Kerala Kerala, oh so Kerala :) Not the people, just the scenario :D