September 21, 2009

What do you call it, when you feel homesick at home?!

Home finally!It's strange how much we yearn for the place we call home! There's a strange wistfulness, call it nostalgia or the sheer joy of being home at last. But as they say, there's no paradise without a thorn or two! Two days at home and I'm having second thoughts. The only thing that's making me stay back is the food that's cooking!;)

What's cool about home!
  1. I'm here and my sister's not! Which means I don't have to fight tooth and nail for a bigger portion of my favorite delicacy and worry about whether my share will disappear if I get up from my place. Yeah, and I get to call her up and give her updates on what i'm eating, what show I'm watching and what mom has bought for me!:D
  2. Sirius, my mutt! Well, don't let the name fool you, he is NOT a black, shaggy, ferocious dog as the name suggests. An ugly, cowardly whining mutt would be more like it.
  3. The weed infested backyard, the shade and the fresh air in general. I don't need to wear a mask or be scared to breathe in deep. The air's more rejuvenating than an hour of yoga. Not that I have any experience in the latter!
  4. And waking up late, going to bed late, the mindless movies...oh the joy of nothingness!
  5. It is so much fun when you can spend all you want without your purse getting lighter. Which is why my poor old Dad dreads my visits!

What's not-so-cool!

  1. My parents using their guerrila tactics to marry me off! Aaaarrgh! It is the most annoying thing I tell you! Their stealthy moves don't fool me for long as I watch them get endless calls from prospects. I am asked to check online profiles of guys and I keep my poker face on while rejecting each. Thank God, for a flawed horoscope that is one in a million and doesn't seem to match with anyone. And for the ones that match, I have my answers ready! 'Mom, he's old!' 'Are you crazy, he's a kid?' My best reply ever had to be THIS "Mom, look at it this way! I'm ugly. He is ugly. Our kids, they'd be ugly as sin. I wouldn't want that for anyone!" Sometimes I can't help being the smartass that I am!:D
  2. Aaaaargh! I'm old enough for marriage, but not old enough to be online at night! Or watch late night movies! Having to beg your parents to stay up late is soooo uncool. I'm not going to be the same, I'm going to be the most fun parent ever, I tell you!
  3. Help, my dog's got MPD! He acts like a cat, rubs against me, behaves as if he owns us, demands better living conditions, more play time and playmates too! As if that weren't enough, the stupid mutt has already chewed up my sandals, two nightpants and my hair! Whatever's left on my head! I seriously think we should be calling an exorcist! It definitely has to be a cat spirit!
  4. Nosy neighbors and nosier relatives! When are you getting married? (No, thank you; I want to live some more!) Is there someone?(Yes, I have a horde of them mobbing me at my doorstep everyday. I'm just playing hard to get!Sigh!)
  5. How is it humanely possible to put on 5 kilos in two weeks? You'd say it is, when you've spent 99.25% of your waking hours with your mouth full! Can't help it though, the food is worth every single pound I've gained!

But all said and done, home life makes you lazy and irresponsible!(Haha, the joke of the century!) It makes you feel all wistful and sentimental! Let me savor each moment, there are going to be no more trips for a long long time! If my parents are upto their usual dirty tricks that is! I'm choosing Goa over home next time!


  1. "I'm ugly. She is ugly. Our kids, they'd be ugly as sin"

    I've used this one :D:D:D

  2. @Eby
    Thanks for reading it! That statement really holds true for me, you know!:D

  3. damn it..u update your blog and this is what i get to make other people homesick!! grrr............

  4. @Mathew
    Hehe! Did this make you feel homesick? This post was meant to cure people of their homesickness!;D