October 11, 2012

I have walked through alleys,

and dark subways

That invited me in, with whispers of dreams.

Dreams they knew were dear to me,

Dreams I had dreamt of you.

I have walked tightropes,

edges of cliffs,

let go of my fears,

In the hope that you would come calling.

I have delved into dark dreams,

Dared to lose myself

Talked about my darkest summer nights

When there was no one to listen.

I have known loneliness

And lived with it,

Letting it fill me,

With shades of grey

Till i knew no one, and no one knew me.

I have written about memories

No one knows are real

And waited for the half-closed door

To bring your tidings.

Just when I had stopped

Searching for your face

In the crowd i was lost in

I heard you call out..

You found me, just when i stopped looking

And turns out,I never had to search.

For you, of the shy smile

Told me, with your eyes

That you would have found me, anyway.

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