May 6, 2012


When you hear him yawn while he's bathing, an hour after he's woken up, and find it cute as hell..
When he smiles at you and your heart does a disco..
When you find him incredibly sexy with his two day old stubble..
When you blush because he's teasing you over the phone..
When he drives you crazy with his dumb songs and you can't help but laugh..
When his eyes meet yours across a crowded platform, and the world ceases to exist..
When he makes you feel a thousand emotions at once..
When the little things he does make your heart feel like it's gonna burst with happiness..
When you feel thankful every single day, for what you have, inspite of the thunderclouds and storms..
When he's there by your side, silently, through the tantrums and the drama..
When you know he'll read this and rag you, and you're not afraid of it... just know.
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