May 28, 2012

before you

I remember
Waking up to murky mornings
Skies all sullen, my heart alight
The time of year I love best
Expectant and wildly dreamy
A hint of romance in the air.

I love watching the rainclouds
Gather outside my tiny windows
I watch them huddle
Over the fields, and the trees
Just like me, they wait
With arms wide open.

There's loneliness here, something
I've grown to love.
Madness and desire
Which I've known with you.
The rain has always been
My long, long wait for you.
For every time it rains
It fills me with a deep, dark longing
I've always associated with you.

Even when I didn't know you
I've known, that you were out there
Singing in the rain, just as I was
Arms outstretched, and heart wide open.
A little bit of dark, and a dash of crazy too
I have felt your poetry,
Turn my insides to mush
On dark, cloudy mornings like this.
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