September 14, 2012

fifty nine

While i sit here
Sifting my thoughts
My thousand moods
Flying at you
Like an exaltation of larks.
I watch you dodge them
And i hope,
You'd catch but one.

There is so much i say
When i leave things unsaid
So much i hold inside
When i tell it all.
We could be perfect,
Like the dreams we see
But then i would miss you teasing me
And you would miss me, wooing you.

Do the long lazy nights and silliness matter anymore?
Do sulking and laughter become us?
Maybe, when i am old and grey
I'd still play games with you.
Tell you you're wrong, after cheating at chess
Or just watch you rage, when i steal your thoughts.
Tease you over your funny sneezes
Outdrink you maybe, and still be fine.

Maybe, i would want to
Make up for lost days
Through fifty nine monsoons, with nights storylike.
Maybe i would bore you, maybe add spice
But hope you know this, the years, they promise to be nice
Like the girl who claims to be so,
Night after night.
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