April 9, 2011

The Bridge of Memories

A bridge with my name on it. :)

It's there somewhere, on the bottom right. One among the countless sweet memories Grandpa gifted me!

It's in Malayalam. :D
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  1. I do have a concrete slab at home with my foot print.. accidentally stepped on it when we were renovating.
    He made this for you?
    or, he wrote your name?

  2. Footprint. Nice! :)

    This was in '91. I was really sad about something and so grandpa decided to cheer me up. He told me that if I inscribed my name and date on the wet cement, it would remain forever and ever. :)

    Every vacation, whenever I'm at grandpa's place, the first thing i do is sweep the bridge and check if my name's still there! :D

  3. that is awesome! I have a tree in Cochin with my name on it. :)