February 13, 2011


So, i was having this weird conversation with a teammate the other day.

Of late, i've noticed that i totally enjoy crude humour and guffaw at silly pointless PJs, with the guys. Also the fact that whenever one of the guys read something interesting/lame, they just know that i'll enjoy it too.

See, the thing is, i'm a girly girl. Sappy commercials make me cry, my best friends are all girls and i hardly have any close guy friends. Just one or two i'm very close to. I'm not one of those girls who feels comfortable hanging around with guys. And yet, i find that i'm a buddy to MOST of my guy friends. In that i've played agony aunt, relationship advisor(huh!), mediator of sorts.

So, i was telling my teammate how i've totally changed from being a prude, in that i can stomach lame guy-like jokes now. Smugly, i tell him that it's a good thing. To which he responds, NO. His NO is more vehement than that of my other cubemates. Girls, obviously!


And i thought i was broadening my horizons. People like the lamer version better.

Can't help it though. It's not like i wanted to change. I'm just going with it, and enjoying every moment.

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