May 3, 2010

Getting out of myself and liking what I see

I wonder why I didn't see it
As I rushed blindly in the night
Light sauntered in brilliantly
Night gave in without a fight.

I did not know what I was at
I knew not whom to turn to
But as I made my way out
I smelt wet earth and dew.

These phases of sightlessness
Were they so that I see,
What I had failed to all these days
That I had to forgive me?

I wasn't made for anger
I wasn't made for spite
I cannot vouch for the world
But I wanna set things right.

There's this little God in me
Who tells me I am more
Who tells me the truth
I am splendid, to the core!

I cannot undo my past
Or make the future mine
I can do one thing, I know
Dispel hatred with sunshine!

1 comment:

  1. :) there is this little God in everyone but only few recognize.. a very nice poem. love it.