October 31, 2009

The Path

The rain had fogged up the windows. He wiped it and looked out. He could see the path that led to the road. This path was all he'd seen for years now. She'd walked out through this path. She'd looked back, but he hadn't been able to call out, ask her to stop.

He'd been too sure of himself. Confident that he'd conquer the whole world. Power had made him a despot. And he'd hurt the peope who'd loved him the most. She'd loved him but he'd thrown it back in her face.

Everything had changed with the accident. He was just an invalid. He could hear them say, that he deserved what had happened to him. Everyone had changed, except her. And he'd changed into a monster. He'd once made a vow to protect and cherish her, instead he punished her with his silence and refusals. He'd screamed at her and told her that he didn't need her pity. He'd urged her to get out of his life.

He'd seen her leave and had wanted to scream out. He knew, he was going to lose the only person who had ever loved him. He watched her walk out of the gate, and for the first time in years, felt truly helpless.

He'd looked into his heart and realized the truth. All the acerbic words had been a smokescreen, because he'd been scared to reveal what he felt. Scared to admit that she meant everything to him. Atleast she'd be happy, away from him. He had trained robots to take care of his needs. The rain blurred his view again and he turned the wheelchair around.

It took him a while to notice the dripping figure in the doorway. She saw him gaze at her unblinkingly and was puzzled. It came out as a cry," Mary, you're back!!! I .............missed you. I know I don't deserve you, but ...... I am glad to see you back."

Mary looked flustered at his outburst. She was used to his spiteful tantrums, not this. She said, "You're going senile, John. I'm gone for two hours and you start acting crazy."

She'd turned her back to him, but not before he noticed that her eyes were as misty as his.


  1. What!! So she was actually coming back after an age, and yet was jibing with him??

    I could do with a wife like that :D

  2. @Eby

    I'd still prefer the trained robots, anyday. One, they don't nag. Two, they don't fart. Three, they've got a Power On/Off switch. :P

  3. I'd prefer a dog! A golden retriever, or maybe a Great Dane! More lively, plus with them around, I'll never have to get my hands dirty beating up people :P