January 6, 2011

The world forgetting, by the world forgot...

Love is an abstraction.

Contradict me if you must. There's more to it than two people falling for each other, that inexplicable emotion drawing them closer and sheltering them from the big bad world. It's all in the mind. It begins there, but does it quite end?

Can you or I judge it, without knowing it once? Without having been bound and enslaved by it? How is it possible? Seems quite fantastic, doesn't it? Maybe it all began somewhere in this very same lifetime, maybe we crossed paths, loved each other, let go and let forgetfulness mar our love. Maybe, we are so sure of love because we've known it, been safe in its arms before. We erase the memories over and over again, thinking we'll create something new, something better, with another half on a clean new slate. But the irony is, we are drawn to each other wherever we go. We meet as strangers, part as strangers. Create new memories and fall in love with each other everyday. There's no other way. It's always you and me. Every single story. Times change, places do, but it is always you for me.

I'm selfish that way, wanting something that keeps me happy. The moment i feel it's less than perfect, i'm off, to find another perfect haven. But no matter where i go, no matter how many times i erase you from my mind, every stranger i love turns out to be you. You are my fate. The destiny i've never believed in. And nothing can change that, or our love. Maybe that's what love is meant to be, an imperfect abstraction between perfect strangers.

P.S. 1: Check the tags, people. It still won't make sense. :D

P.S. 2: So, will you watch the movie now?
After this dismal, scary review, i guess not! Sigh. And if you hate the movie, don't shoot me!:D
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  1. "What the hell?" said a friend, after he'd seen the movie, "Jim Carrey doesn't trip, fall OR guffaw in the film. Not even ONCE! And Kate Winslet...pfa, did she disappoint or what?! She was clothed the whole time!"

    Some people, I tell you. *shakes head*

  2. it is never easy to trace the beginnings of love, there are many but the end is just one.

  3. @Rindo
    I think i know that friend of yours!:P

    the end is just one. Nice!
    Never easy to trace the beginnings, hence an abstraction.

  4. @potpourri: Wow. This is one intrepretation of this awesome, AWESOME movie that never struck me.... *-)
    A depressing-er version of this, however, would be that old story of mine.
    @Rindo: :) To be fair to your friend, I know very few people who actually loved the movie.

  5. @Suj

    Tell me the truth, it's stupid, isn't it? i just wrote this to convince an adamant soul that the movie isn't mush! I thnk your comment will do the job!

    I *loved* the movie. It's a work of art. everything about it is so haunting, esp the music. I love the bg music that plays after they mee t the first time, when he reaches home and calls her up. What is it called?! It's been playing in my head ever since i heard it. Have to download it!

  6. Her comment did not do the job, you conniving little bleep!